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Communication is key + Attendance

Communication between the athletes, parents and coach is crucial in having a successful season.  Remember to keep me posted with any scheduling conflicts.  Excessive missed practices is cause for concern.  Due to the fact that Cross Country and Track is one of the few school sports where girls are not required to play a position or tryout, some of them are under the impression that 'one person not being there' does not make a difference.  There are rarely any problems that the girls, or myself, encounter when everyone shows up to practice and meets.  99% of the problems are due to miscommunication and attendance issues.  There are a few meets in each season that are mandatory if an athlete qualifies; they are any divisional championships, county championships, state qualifier or state championship.


Sneakers and clothes

There is very little equipment that is needed for cross country or track.  A good pair of sneakers and proper clothing is the best way to avoid injuries and sickness throughout the season.  Especially from the middle of cross country on to middle of spring track, the weather is very cold and many layers of clothes should be worn. We run outside in everything except lightning and thunder.  The girls should be prepared for rain, snow and wind everyday. 


Cell Phones at practice

Just about every girl on the team has a cell phone.  They are very useful when in need of a ride or to communicate to parents during a meet, however, during practice I will not allow girls to have them out.  The team only practices on average for two and a half hours a day.  Many of the girls do not have an issue with this, however I want to make sure this habit is not continued.  Cell phones should be locked up along with all other valuables in either the girls' school locker or gym locker.


Practice/Meet Cancellations

Practices and Meets are hardley, if ever, cancelled.  The only way that an athlete will be notified of a cancelled practice or meet is by me announcing it ahead of time, emailing them directly and/or posting it on the website.  Even if there is lightning, we can still have practice by going over video inside or discussing an upcoming meet. 


Leaving meets early

Occasionally, emergencies arise and an athlete will have to leave a meet early.  A signed note from the Athletic Office must be presented to the coach before leaving only with a parent or guardian.  Aunts, Uncles, neighbors, etc. are not able to take athletes home from meets.  All team members should stay together from the time that we set up for a meet through either cleaning up after a home meet, or cleaning up the bus upon arrival back to the school.




If you would like to contact me:


Vin Ungaro

Head Coach- Girls XC + T&F


School Phone # -  472-7800

Emergency contact # on overnight trips-  987-5715


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